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Jimmy Nguyen believes…

Jimmy believes that you worked too hard and paid too much for your home to be cheated by anyone.

Do you believe the seller failed to disclose defects in the house you used your life savings to buy? Ask Jimmy. Do you believe your real estate agent failed to protect your interests when you bought your house? Ask Jimmy. Do you want to buy a house and need a trustworthy real estate professional to help you? Ask Jimmy.




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How Can Jimmy Help?

Jimmy Nguyen uses his knowledge as a real estate attorney, real estate broker, and a successful mediator to help clients seek damages for defects in their new home purchase or who want to protect themselves from bad deals.


Jimmy’s Mission

Jimmy’s mission is to protect his clients from dishonest sellers and real estate agents. As someone who has personally dealt with dishonesty in the real estate industry, Jimmy knows how to protect his clients and get back much of the money that dishonest sellers and real estate agents cheated from his clients.

As a professional who has been in the real estate industry over ten years, Jimmy has witnessed a lot of bad behavior. For example, sellers who fail to disclose defects in homes, real estate agents who unduly influence their clients to close escrow on the wrong homes just to get their commission, or agents giving their clients bad and wrong advice.

Ask Jimmy

Did the seller fail to disclose a defect in the house you just bought? Did your real estate agent influence you to buy a house that was not right for you just to earn a commission? Call or email Jimmy today to set up a consultation.